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Summer Learning in Hampton Bays

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This summer, Hampton Bays School District students are advancing in academics through the district’s annual Summer Academy.

The academy, which runs through Aug. 17, provides support to students in grades K-12 in English language arts and math. Students work in small groups where instruction is geared to meet individual needs through guided math, reading, writing and phonics-based lessons. Many of the lessons incorporate technology such as Chromebooks, which give students access to numerous educational programs. 

The academy also offers extended learning opportunities to Life Skills students, including visits to the Parrish Art Museum and Hampton Bays Public Library so far. In addition, students work in the district’s garden and have enjoyed presentations from guest speakers, including a dental hygienist and a representative with America’s VetDogs.   

Three Wishes

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Elementary school second-graders practiced their writing skills while also celebrating St. Patrick’s Day as part of a lesson during the week of March 6. After their teacher, Mr. Christopher Warren, read them the folk tale, “Three Wishes from a Fish” by Yara Mignon, the students used their imaginations to write about three wishes they would ask for, if approached by a leprechaun.

Animal Visit

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Kindergarteners learned more about the animals that live at the Quogue Wildlife Refuge during an in-school visit on Jan. 27. During the event, Tony Valderrama, an environmental educator with the refuge, introduced students to several animal species, including a corn snake, bearded dragon, chinchilla and an owl. Students learned about the animals’ habitats, prey and lifecycles.

Celebrating Elementary Music & Arts

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The elementary school introduces students to a wide-variety of art forms while also providing a solid background in music education. Learn more in this short video and check back to view videos about the middle school and high school arts programs.

Kindergartners Take a Pilgrim Voyage

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To celebrate Thanksgiving, kindergartners in Ms. Mary Montz’s class re-enacted the pilgrim’s Mayflower voyage across the Atlantic on Nov. 22.

During the re-enactment, students, dressed as pilgrims, sat in a cardboard Mayflower as their teacher read them excerpts from “The First Thanksgiving,” by Linda Hayward. As they listened to the story, scenes of the ocean were portrayed on the classroom’s Smart Board.

After students “spotted land,” they broke into groups and learned how to make Sumac tea, wampum necklaces and a shelter using cardboard and tape. The young pilgrims also learned to plant beans, corn and squash the Wampanoag way and created Wampanoag pinch pots. #engageHB