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Literacy & Math Lab Initiative  

HBMS is focused on building strong readers to support
academic success in every subject!

Students will see measured growth in their reading and math levels of one grade level (solid gains), one-two grade levels (substantial gains), or two or more grade levels (significant gains).
Teachers will use this data to work with students, see measurable growth over time, and make mid-year adjustments in order to remain on track to meeting set, individual goals.
Teachers will find and be provided with curricular materials, in his/her content area, allowing students to learn the content information at their current reading level.

Components of this Initiative:

Reading & Math levels will be assessed in September, February, and May.  Goals will be set for each student to meet during each test.

Click here to access information about the Lexile & Quantile Levels for every grade.
Click here to access the parent letter and Reading Level Tracking Chart for the Year of the Reader