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Board Goals

Mission and Vision 
We are driven by the vision that all students in Hampton Bays will graduate with a solid academic foundation and a strong character; and with a commitment to the community and a dedication to lifelong learning.  We achieve that vision by nurturing safe and caring learning environments that celebrate intellectual curiosity, diversity, and the individualized talents of each student and adult.

The 2025 Strategic Plan  


Improving Student Achievement

  • All students meet or exceed high academic standards

  • The student experience provides rich opportunities that stretch beyond the classroom

  • Graduates are prepared for post-secondary education, careers, and productive citizenship


Using our Buildings to Enhance Learning

  • Capital projects are prioritized according to programmatic and infrastructure needs

  • LEED standards are with a focus on conservation and efficiency

A Responsible Fiscal Partner

  • Resource are allocated systematically and equitably to support student learning

  • Budgets and funds are created and maintained to respect the economy and community

  • Grant-writing is valued in achieving programmatic and operational objectives

Cultivating Community Stakeholders

  • Community partnerships strengthen the connection between schools and neighborhoods

  • The district maintains an active presence in community matters and events

  • Stakeholders are informed of initiatives, including long-range planning and budget cycles

Creating an Enduring Institution

  • Personnel meet rigorous performance standards 

  • Staff recruitment, evaluation, and selection ensure a highly-qualified and diverse workforce

  • Professional growth focuses on student achievement develops skills, knowledge and mindset

  • Streamlined administrative functions are branded to ensure consistency and effectiveness