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Universal Pre-K

Our Pre-K program is housed at the Hampton Bays High School where newly renovated classrooms have been built to maximize the learning experience for your child. We are very proud of our Pre-K program here at Hampton Bays, as it provides children with the opportunity to experience learning through discovery by building upon each child’s natural curiosity, and develops their social and emotional growth as well. Not only can our Pre-K program ease the transition of your child into kindergarten, but it will also enhance your child’s self-esteem which will help set the foundation for long-term school success.

Registration News

Pre-K registration is open to all applicants so long as the child that you’re enrolling will be 4 years old as of December 1st, and you are a district resident. At this sign-up, applicants must bring a Property Tax Bill/House Deed in the name of the parent/guardian, plus one utility bill (telephone bills unacceptable) if you are a homeowner. Renters must provide a Lease Agreement/pending sale contract in the name of the parent/guardian, plus one utility bill (telephone bills unacceptable). This signup does not guarantee a spot in our Pre-K program; however it will provide an opportunity to acquire a spot at this year’s Pre-K Lottery drawing which will take place (TBD) in the Hampton Bays High School Library.

Click here for more Pre-K registration information.