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Hiring Center

Contact Information:

Hours: Monday-Friday 7:15am-3pm
Contact person: Morgan Brown
Location: Hampton Bays High School
Phone: (631) 723-2110 extension 3144


For Students

Employment Opportunities:


Internship Opportunities:


Career Opportunities:


Job Fair News:

Thank you to all businesses and students who attended the 2022 Hampton Bays High School Job Fair. You all helped to make it a success!  We look forward to hosting again next year!


For Employers 

How it works:  Contact Mrs. Brown to discuss the job posting, outreach to the students, and interviewing options. Employers have the option to submit a flyer outlining the job description, salary, days/hours etc. and have it posted on the website, or the employer can speak to Mrs. Brown and she will design a flyer for you.

As outlined on the flyer, students will contact the employer directly to set up an interview at their place of business, or interested students will sign-up to make an appointment to interview with the employer at the High School on a specific date/time.

Special Note: The faculty and staff at the Hampton Bays High School actively pursue helping our special needs students become as independent as possible. One of the ways to accomplish this goal, is to help these students find employment. Here at Hampton Bays, we are striving to create a pool of job listings for our special needs students. If you have a job opening that you feel has the potential to be filled by a special needs student, or you know of another potential employer, please contact Mrs. Brown with the details.  We will do our best to find the right student for you.