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K-Kids Provide Thanksgiving Dinners To Those In Need

Students gathered together and holding cards and rubber ducks thumbnail237347
The members of the Hampton Bays Elementary School service organization K-Kids recently donated $200 toward their school’s PTA Thanksgiving fundraiser that provides gift cards for families in need to purchase Thanksgiving dinners. They raised the funds by selling rubber ducks during their lunch period to peers and teachers.

Date Added: 11/28/2022

Pilgrims Set Sail

Students sitting in makeshift Mayflower and being read a book thumbnail237345
Hampton Bays Elementary School kindergartners learned about the difficult voyage the Pilgrims made across the mighty Atlantic Ocean in a makeshift Mayflower as part of teacher Mary Motz’s annual Mayflower reenactment on Nov. 22. While on the “ship,” Motz read “The First Thanksgiving” by Linda Hayward to her class.

Date Added: 11/24/2022

Sharing Kindness

Students listening to a presentation on kindness as a Smarboard shows a graphic with the word Kindness on it thumbnail231395
Hampton Bays Elementary School first graders are sharing kindness. Following a recent, grade-level character education assembly on the theme, students were inspired to showcase what they had learned by drawing ways to be kind on paper circles. They added their circles to large poster in the first grade hallways as a reminder to everyone to carry out acts of kindness every day.

Date Added: 11/23/2022

A Display of Kindness

Students and staff with positive post-it notes thumbnail231034
In honor of World Kindness Day, Hampton Bays Elementary School students in Becky Yakaboski’s class promoted positivity and kindness by sharing hundreds of Post-it notes around their school. The students worked very hard to write positive affirmations and create cheerful pictures to share as a surprise for their peers.

Date Added: 11/14/2022

Growing Up a Pumpkin

Student in front of a sign about pumpkins thumbnail228975
Hampton Bays Elementary School first graders have been studying pumpkins and how they grow. They read books on the subject, learned words like seed and vine, and put pictures in order to show the stages of pumpkin growth.

Date Added: 10/25/2022