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HBMS Counseling Services

The vision of the school Counseling Services Department is to ensure that every student will acquire the academic, career and personal/social skills to reach their fullest potential and successfully manage their lives as healthy, responsible, competent and productive citizens who respect themselves and others. The counseling staff offers and manages a number of programs to ensure these goals are met. It is the view of the counseling staff that parents are important partners in the accomplishment of these goals.

School Psychologist

The school psychologist is the Chairperson of the Committee of Special Education and the Instructional Support Team. In this role the psychologist works closely with the special education staff and the Pupil Personnel Director in delivering the special education program. Crisis intervention services are an integral aspect of the work of the school psychologist and outside referral information and assistance is provided. The school psychologist manages services with outside consultants to the district for the classified students. The school psychologist helps maintain an educational setting where instruction is diversified to include all learners. Ongoing consultation with staff, families and students, focuses on academic and behavioral interventions. These interventions may include a variety of support both in and outside of the classroom. At times diagnostic assessment is warranted to evaluate a specific learning profile.

School Counselor

The primary objective of a school counselor is to assist students in reaching their potential in becoming effective learners, achieving optimal personal growth and setting appropriate career and educational goals. The goal is to complement the school-learning environment by using a child-centered, preventative and developmental approach. Parent input is strongly encouraged and is seen as an integral factor in successfully supporting students. Classroom lessons are conducted throughout the school year on a variety of topics including career and college awareness, academic improvement, bullying, diversity awareness, goal setting, and stress management.

Counselor Assignments

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Staff Member Student Last Names Telephone Number
Erin DaSilva, School Counselor (A-Q) (631) 723‑4700 x2115
Josephine Sinkler, School Counselor (R-Z, ELL) (631) 723‑4700 x2114
Amanda Catalano, School Psychologist (A-Z) (631) 723‑4700 x2113
Renee Negrin, Social Worker (A-Z) (631) 723‑4700 x2119
Justine Oudeans, Counseling Secretary   (631) 723‑4700 x2106